Chicago Buildings

Blogging fail.  I typed this post over a week ago and thought I had clicked “Publish.”  Didn’t happen! haha.

The architecture in Chicago is enough to keep you busy for a week.  It is really amazing to me that aesthetics were not sacrificed in any of the ginormous skyscrapers downtown.  And every detail in the building’s design had a specific purpose and function…which is a must in any good design.  I’ve been to some cities where it seemed they just constructed tall, glass, ugly rectangle buildings with not even a smidgeon of individuality.  To get an up-close and personal history on these beautiful buildings, I took an Architecture River Tour.  If you are ever in Chicago…or even if you live there…I highly recommend taking this river tour!

For the size and the amount of people in this city, I could not believe how clean and well kept it was.  Even all the plantings were healthy and well taken care of.  I may have seen 1 person cleaning up the sidewalks during the week, but everything was always spotless!  There were people smoking everywhere, no ashtrays, but no cigarette butts in sight.  How do they do it?  Raleigh, NC is much smaller and has ashtrays, and I still see cigarette butts quite often!

The Trump Building

Our hotel – The River Hotel

Known by locals as “The Corn Cobs”

This is where Oprah and Obama work out.

Another river tour passing by

The Merchandise Mart

The old Chicago postal service building…scenes from The Dark Knight and Iron Man were filmed here!

Are you sure the Sears Tower is the tallest building in Chicago?  Oh perspective!

My favorite building.  Designed by the same architect that did the corn cobs.

Me and The Bean

The Bean

Lots and lots of children having the best time ever…but how freaky are these?

They blink!

And spit at you.

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5 thoughts on “Chicago Buildings

  1. Chicago is amazing and I love that I've seen those same buildings/things that are in your picture! I actually took my shoes off at those creepy fountains. The boat tour is pretty awesome for sure 🙂


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