Crock Pot Honey Chicken

Source: MMM…Cafe Here is a quick one for you.  I was able to run home for lunch, throw this into the crock pot, and come home later to a delicious dinner for 2.  There were actually leftovers for another night, but someone left the tupperwares out on the counter all night…not me, just saying.  WhatContinue reading “Crock Pot Honey Chicken”

Creamy Baked Ziti Casserole

Back when I shared this post, I froze the leftover spaghetti sauce.  That’s all gravy, but how many of you freeze food with every intention on eating it in the future and then don’t?  We are guilty of this.  So I was determined to do something with this leftover sauce besides chuck it in theContinue reading “Creamy Baked Ziti Casserole”

What Goes in to Printing a Catalog?

Part of my job is managing our spring and fall catalog production.  This includes coding all the plants we will be offering, pulling and matching images, color correcting images, lots of proof reading, image proofs, compiling customer mailing lists, press checks and oh, this all sounds so simple (it’s not).  But I am the freakContinue reading “What Goes in to Printing a Catalog?”