How to cook a bun…

…in the oven! 


Isn’t our blob the cutest?


-Bake in the “oven” at 98.6 degrees for 9 months.  How easy is that?

 Yep, if you haven’t guessed it already, we are preggo!  We will be 10 weeks on Monday and the due date is 1-28-13. The ultrasound picture was from our first appointment this past Wednesday.  I was nervous because I’d seen other “blob” pictures in the past, and never understood what the big deal was.  It was just a blob!  But the blob is WAY cooler when it is your blob.  I loved seeing my blob.  I loved seeing it’s heartbeat and knowing it is growing right on track.

The symptoms I’ve been experiencing…a little bit of EVERYTHING.  

Exhausted – I feel like I’ve run 3 marathons everyday.
Frequent trips to the bathroom – all day and all night, so I guess I am running a marathon, to the toilet!
Nauseous – This is brought on randomly, by smells, by foods, it really is a joy.
Barfing – I got sick a few times during week 8.  But luckily, I figured out it was from switching prenatal vitamins.  So once I went back to the brand I was taking before, the vom trips stopped.
Food aversions – I can hardly eat anything.  Nothing sounds or tastes good.  Especially meat and fresh produce.  Which explains why I’ve been so quiet on the cooking front.  I’ve been having to stick with bland and strangely, greasy fast food.  And I’m sad to say, that pickles are no good right now.  They used to be my FAVORITE (I would even drink the juice), but my taste buds right now have made pickles extremely salty.  Also, I drank orange juice yesterday that tasted like a slim jim…
Food cravings – Even with the food aversions, I’ve had some funny cravings already.  Deviled eggs, Easy Mac with Texas Pete, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Crab Rangoon, lots of milkshakes, lots of root beer.  And when I get to satisfy my cravings, ohhh man, it is the best that food has ever tasted!
Hungry all the time – I could give any football player a run for their money right now.  If I had my full appetite back and it were Thanksgiving, oh goodness.  This was one of the first signs to show up before I knew I was pregnant.  I would get up at 4:00am, go downstairs, and raid the kitchen.  One morning the only thing in sight were hotdog buns.  So you bet your butt I ate 6 of them and went back to bed.  Later that day, I decided it was time to take a pregnancy test!
Crazy sense of smell – the grocery store is hell to me now.  Unless ours just needs to demolish the fish section and start over.  Lots of smells have made me gag.
Mood swings – LOVE YOU NATE!!!

So even though I’ve been counting down to 2nd trimester, pregnancy has been a fun adventure from the start.  I’m actually enjoying the “unknowns” from it all and having to re-adapt. I’m looking forward to my belly actually starting to show some evidence of my blob living in there.

This was taken at week 6 in a hotel bathroom in Chicago.  Bloated as heck, but still a decent “before” picture 🙂

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22 thoughts on “How to cook a bun…

  1. I think your blob is pretty stinkin' awesome 🙂 I hope food tastes good agains soon! I've heard week 14/15 can bring some positive changes on that front! Congratulations!!!!!


  2. Again, CONGRATS from one of your aunts! Can't wait to be a great aunt. The baby blog tab to your NSDCW blog will also be neat to follow – and no doubt helpful to other new parents in waiting. If I could I would deliver orange popsicles to you today. :-). Happy “blob” days!!!


  3. Congrats! It's so much fun to wait and be surprised on the sex – we did that with both our kiddos…Loved it and love being pregnant! Enjoy it while you can! 🙂


  4. That’s a nice trick on the title there. I actually thought this post was going to talk about how to cook bun. I was not interested in the blob as well up until my girlfriend is conceiving our own blob. Seeing our three-month-old baby in a black-and-white scratchy graphic with the heart pumping blood is just so amazing. Jacob – Alfresco lakeside dining near Miami Airport


  5. Whoops! Maybe I'll update it with how to actually cook a bun some day haha. Congrats to you and your girlfriend on your blob. How far along is she? I'm happy to report mine is an egg plant this week.Thanks for stopping by, will check out yours.


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