Chicken Cacciatore

Adapted from:  Skinny Taste Chicken Cacciatore, such a classic and comforting meal.  Which got me wondering, what exactly is cacciatore?  It turns out, “cacciatore” means “hunter” in Italian.  And preparing a dish “hunter-style” includes tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and wine (optional of course!).  If you are from north Italy you’d use white wine and if you areContinue reading “Chicken Cacciatore”

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Source:  All My Great Ideas Are Really From Pinterest Nate accuses me of being a sauce hoarder.  I love sauce, so sue me!  He also pointed out that we had 2 half bottles of Franks Hot Wing Sauce in the fridge, and asked me to explain.  I told him I was already a step aheadContinue reading “Buffalo Chicken Wraps”

Pumpkin Crisp

Krista: Hey!  I have a great idea.  Let’s have dessert first and dinner second tonight! Nate: Wanna know how I know you’re pregnant? Dessert first, dinner second is exactly what we did!  And man was it worth it.  I swear, this stuff is even better than pumpkin pie, and I LOVE pumpkin pie.  Do IContinue reading “Pumpkin Crisp”

How OxiClean Laundry Saved My White Couch

Okay, after something horrible happened to my beautiful white couch and almost spending at least $120 (if not more) in a professional to come to my house and -try- to clean it… I asked a lot of friends what the best strain remover product was.  There were so many great answers, but the most commonContinue reading “How OxiClean Laundry Saved My White Couch”

Don’t Feel Like Cooking Nachos

There has been over a week long stretch of cold, cloudy, and rainy days here.  At first this weather makes you want all the autumn goodies, and then after a week, you get to feeling down right lazy.  -AND- it was Monday, so all we wanted to do was go straight home and to bed,Continue reading “Don’t Feel Like Cooking Nachos”

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

What is it about cloudy, cold, and rainy weekends that makes you want to lay around and veg-out?  The list of things I ate this weekend would include salt and vinegar chips, chips and salsa, ice cream, pretzels, baked potato with plenty of yummy toppings, and an apple just to make myself not feel likeContinue reading “Spinach and Artichoke Dip”