Week 26

Week 26 Belly Update - The Not So Desperate Chef Wife

How big is baby? The size of a lettuce head!  

Baby Development FYI: She’s still growing in the 13.6- to 14.8-inch and 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, and developing her senses, features and talents! Her eyes are forming, and his eyes will soon start to open.  And her eyelashes are now grown, too.  She’s getting her immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up your antibodies.  She’s taking breaths, too. They’re of amniotic fluid, not air, but it’s still good practice.

My body has been invaded, how’s that going? Sleeping great, but with more pillows.  Nate finally made the comment “maybe we should’ve invested in a king.” (I tried to tell him!)  I’ve only been getting up to go to the bathroom 1-2 times a night which has been AWESOME!  One morning I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep, but I still felt completely rested once I actually got up, so no complaints there.

For my job, I sit down all day, and that is really starting to effect my body.  If I sit too long I get sore, stiff, my feet swell a bit, and my lower back hurts.  So I’ve been trying to go on walks throughout the day to help control this.  And of course drinking a ton of water.  When I first got pregnant, I thought sitting down all day would make this pregnancy a breeze…but now I’m realizing that is NOT the case.

What’s been on my mind?  Everything we need to get done.  Not feeling overwhelmed, but just want to get things taken care of now so we can just chill the last few weeks.  

Our baby showers aren’t for a few more weeks, but I’m really looking forward to just seeing everyone.  Living away from our hometown, makes it hard to see everyone we grew up with and makes us miss them all!  So I’m glad we have Baby Morgan on the way as an excuse to see everyone 🙂

Next week is my 1-hour glucose test…on Halloween actually.  How ironic.  The sweet drink will completely gross me out of candy for the next year.  But I’m hoping for good results the first time around.

Crazy Cravings: I’ve had a sweet tooth this week.  Which is bad because chocolate and sweets are what gives me heartburn from hell.  Can’t get enough of milk and cereal, but now the cereal choices have taken a turn to the sweet side.

Highlights:  This was our first labor and birth class.  We were looking forward to the class because it is the typical thing to do with your first pregnancy, and we figured we’d have funny stories from it.  Oh, and learn a thing or two about labor.  Well remember how Nate said “what if you fart during the exercises?”  Well guess who almost did?  NOT ME! NATE. haha  That’s right, the instructor made the guys get down on the floor to do the same relaxation exercises and he got a little too comfortable.  What was even funnier was, the person behind him had a major plumber crack.  So I had the giggles throughout the whole exercise, but hey, I was relaxed! 

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3 thoughts on “Week 26

  1. Hey Krista. About the sweet tooth and the chocolate cravings, you might actually have a deficiency in Magnesium. I had the same chocolate cravings last week (I am 22 weeks) so I Googled it and I found out I might have Magnesium deficiency. I just changed my diet a little and the cravings went away. Consuming too much sugar is not good for the baby 🙂 I like your weekly pictures by the way.


  2. Hey Krista. So how did it go with your glucose test? I hope it was normal. I am so glad your pregnancy is flying by. Mine, not so much. I can't remember the last time I have energy to do anything. I am always tired, but that could be due to the fact that I work full time with Hubby, and have to attend to a very energetic, very busy 6.5 year old boy. 1st grade homework is quite a work out for me :). So I am counting the days. For that reason, I do apologize for responding to your email this late.Please let me know about your glucose test, I know it's very important. I had mine at 8 weeks and my blood sugar was at the border line so I had to go on diet. Not fun for a pregnant woman. On the other hand, it was a good thing to diet and not have to worry about extra and unnecessary weight gain. I Wish you the best though and talk to you soon!!


  3. Hello. I am glad your glucose was normal. Well I gained 15lb within the first 8 weeks (I was eating like a pig) which was alarming. That is why I had to take the glucose test that early. The good news is that I haven't gained an once since I have been on diet 🙂


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