Red Raspberry Brie Crescent Rolls

Before my husband and I got married, I had to clue him in on one of my guilty pleasures.  I liked to lay in bed watching tv while eating brie and raspberry jelly on club crackers.  It is divine, and you should try it.  So, naturally baked brie is a favorite.  However, slicing into theContinue reading “Red Raspberry Brie Crescent Rolls”

Buffalo Chicken Dip

After our families Christmas lunch my sister-in-law invited my husband and I to stick around and pig out…as if we hadn’t already!  She made this buffalo chicken dip that wasn’t the prettiest dip in the world, but hot dang was it addicting.  There is something to be said about a dip that you can’t stopContinue reading “Buffalo Chicken Dip”

Christmas Wraps

To put it lightly, I was a little concerned over sticking to my diet for the holidays.  To make things easier on myself, I set a goal of just not gaining anything.  If I could stay at the weight I began Christmas with, I would be happy, and I was successful!  Surprisingly, I was ableContinue reading “Christmas Wraps”

Cinnamon Apple Chips

var SHRSB_Settings = {“shr_class”:{“src”:”{Place_Path_Here}”,”link”:””,”service”:”5,7,52,38,201,2,78,219″,”apikey”:”6ffe2cbf142c45bd4cd03b01ec46b8658″,”localize”:true,”shortener”:”google”,”shortener_key”:””,”designer_toolTips”:true,”twitter_template”:”${title} – ${short_link} via @Shareaholic”}}; These apple chips are so healthy and easy to make…they also make your house REAK of apples and cinnamon.  So if the ol’ cinnamon spice candle isn’t doing it for you, try these apple chips, and if you want something yummy to snack on! Ingredients 1 largeContinue reading “Cinnamon Apple Chips”

Peachy Pineapple Corn Salsa

 I can not believe it is November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  After putting up and cleaning up the Halloween decorations I thought, why do we spend so much time decorating our homes, only to take it all down in what feels like days later?  So, I am going to start decorating forContinue reading “Peachy Pineapple Corn Salsa”