3 Months

I remember in the beginning thinking it would take FOREVER to make it to 3 months, and here we are!  What a journey it has been.  Things have definitely gotten better.  I still struggle with anxiety sometimes, but I’m hoping that will ease up as time goes on and we get onto a routine.  Another huge part of my anxiety and feeling overwhelmed is being alone so much and on the weekends.  It would be SO nice if Nate and I could have the same days off for once in our lives…one day.  And I’ve learned that I get my energy comes from being around other people, so when I’m alone and isolated, it really drags me down.  But what seems so crazy to me is feeling alone even though you have a baby…a person with you at all times, but can still feel so lonely.  Anyhoo, enough with that!

Dillon is still growing like a weed, happy and healthy!  He weighed in at 16 lb 5 oz at his last check up! haha  And we’ve gotten the OK from the doctor to start him on solids at 4 months…rice cereal.  We’ve been putting him in his high chair already which has been awesome.  We are able to all eat at the table together again and as long as we are talking (or entertaining) Dillon has a great time!  He is obsessed with this caterpillar toy…I’ve already gotten 2 replacements.  His hair is still coming in but we have no idea which color it is going to be.  His head is tie-dye at the moment.  His giggles are starting to happen more often and longer, we are still waiting on him to burst out laughing, he is so close!  He grins all the time and they are my favorite.  I don’t know how anyone would make it as a parent without those smiles and giggles!

We’ve been putting him in the jumperoo and he absolutely loves it.  He has been waiting for the freedom to jump around, so we decided to give it a try.  I’ve only let him stay in for 15 minutes because I don’t want him to get overtired.  We roll up a blanket behind him for extra support.  He is pushing up with his arms during tummy time and is starting to like tummy time (YEY!).  He bats and grabs on to toys, play time is becoming more and more fun each day.

He has started daycare and has done marvelously!  The teachers have all commented on how happy he is and how well he has done…like he’s done it before!  So that takes away some of the mommy guilt.  I start work on Thursday and of course I have my reservations on that, but I’m hoping it will be a great thing.  Dillon also has his first cold and probably corresponds with starting daycare.  Holy snot.  Somehow, D makes sniffles and sneezes so darn cute though.  And he has always laughed when he sneezes, so it is funny that he is giggling his way through a cold…except when I suction his nose.  He gets PISSED…then sneezes.  It’s pitiful!  He loves listening to stories and loves looking at the pictures.  It has amazed me how alert he has been his whole life.  He is mellow about it though thank goodness.

There is so much advice out there and I’ve realized that is a part of what intimidates me.  So I’ve decided to cut back on the baby books and Googling.  I’ve gotten this far by going off of Dillon’s cues and my instincts, and he is happy and alive!  So my goal now is just to have a happy and healthy baby…and do things at a pace that doesn’t stress me or him out.  So much of parenting is trial and error. If and when he is ever NOT happy, then I’ll figure out how to get him back on track.  So until then poof be gone intimidating, anxiety-causing books!

First time in the highchair



Visiting Daddy at work! Aka sleeping.

Meeting Roy!

When he discovered his nose…!

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