Week 39, 40, and 41

Week 41
Week 40

Week 39

How big is baby? The size of a watermelon, jackfruit, and beyond! 

Baby Development FYI: In month nine, the average fetus is about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.19 inches (wow!). But you really won’t know exactly how big your baby is until his birth.  He’s continuing to grow hair and nails.  And he’s keeping up that lung development, too.

My body has been invaded, how’s that going?  The last 2-3 weeks have been ridiculous to say the least.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, you name it, it’s been a ride.  I’ve literally had every “sign of labor” happening and still, no labor.  Including one false alarm last weekend to the hospital.  I thought my water had broken.  I was so sure of it…but nope…not water.  Which should get added to the “not so fun things about pregnancy that no one warns you about!” list.  Talk about the worst butt pressure.  It doesn’t matter if I’m walking around or sitting still, my bum feels like it could pop off at any moment.  And then there is also the lovely hip/pelvis/hm hm pressure and pains as well.  The cramping is getting old.  They are like period cramps only worse and more tender.  I’ve had strong braxton hicks contractions for 3 weeks up until 4 days ago.  They’ve switched to the labor contractions, but they are not increasing in intensity, frequency or length.  Lets see what else…oh, I lost my mucus plug, AND had the bloody show…still no labor.  I’ve had my membranes stripped twice, not pleasant, and still, no labor.

What’s been on my mind?  Waiting on labor to start has been harder than waiting to find out the sex of the baby.  Honestly, this whole time, I could’ve cared less if the baby was boy or girl.  I really don’t have a favorite that I’m hoping for, so it hasn’t been killing me (or Nate).  But holy geez.  Waiting on labor is no joke.  What’s the worst thing you can do?  Google and read message boards.  It’s so hard to resist, but don’t do it.  They give you a lot of false hope and some can scare the cheetos out of you.  What I’ve learned is, there are no “signs” that labor is about to start.  Everything that someone swears means labor will happen in a few hours has happened to me, and labor hasn’t happened.  You just have to keep your mind busy until it actually happens.

Oh and cervical checks…such a waste.  I’ve had 4 now, and each time, I’ve been told something completely different.  Including going backwards at my last appointment!  Is that even possible?  Next time, I’ll opt-out of the cervical checks.  Until I’d like my membranes stripped which in that case, I’ll ask them to not tell me any measurements.

I know many are wondering and many have asked, when am I having this baby?  Anytime between now and being induced at 6am Tuesday!  I’m hoping for this baby to come on its own.  I’ve always looked forward to the frantically driving to the hospital in the middle of the night moment.  But I’ve mentally prepared myself for that not happening.  And I’m okay with it.  I know the end result is a baby, and by that point, I’ll forget about how it actually got here.  ***Please*** Do NOT share any induction horror stories or anything negative about the process.  After…Friday 2/8 feel free to share, but until then, only positive vibes people 🙂

This time next week, I’ll be a mom.  That still cracks me up.

Crazy Cravings:  Just my main staples.

Highlights: Getting my hair done, a pedicure, eating yummy food, hanging out with 
friends, and enjoying life as is at the moment.

And I’m looking forward to the next post being all about the arrival of the baby!!

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5 thoughts on “Week 39, 40, and 41

  1. Good luck to you! Soon, you will be holding your little bundle of joy…a moment you will never forget. It's been 12 years for me and i remember every wonderful detail of holding my baby for the first time. 🙂


  2. Good luck to you! I remember how crazy the waiting game can be. I was induced and just 8 hours later I was holding my sweet boy! Don't let anyone scare you about labor/birth. Every woman's story is different and I'll bet yours will be a great one! 🙂


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