A Parent’s Prayer

A friend posted this on Facebook last year and just loved it from the first time I read it.  I find myself reading back over it all the time and I would like to get it printed and framed for the baby’s room.  This prayer seems applicable to any situation you may go through with your child as they grow up.  It serves as motivation, comfort, and reassurance.  

A Parent’s Prayer

Lord, as I live this day, renew in me
the ability to laugh at my children’s antics;
the time to share their moments of pride;
the need to praise their separate strengths;
the faith to trust their growing judgement;
the patience to understand their changing moods;

the virtue to forgive their disrespect;
the openness to learn their ways and styles;
the ears to hear what they are saying;
the insight to embrace their doubts and fears;
the tenderness to understand their broken dreams;
And the wisdom to accept that their lives are built
just one day at a time.

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