Hospital Packing List

We are bringing 1 carry-on size rolling suitcase and 1 extra bag for the snacks.  My goal is to bring as little as possible so I only have to unpack as little as possible.  And why not take full advantage of what all the hospital provides…you pay for it anyway!

And so I won’t have to search and create another hospital list the next time we get pregnant, here is the list I came up with to pack for the hospital.
Nursing tank top
Nursing pads
Travel size toiletries for both Mom and Dad (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, tooth brush, brush, mouth wash, deodorant)
Snack of choice for Mom (Oat meal creme pies)

Snack of choice for Dad (Nutty Bars)
Hard candy (Jolly Ranchers or Life Savers)
Vitamin Waters
3 Hair rubber bands
Small camera 

Camera charger

Phone charger
2 pairs earphones (one for Mom and one for Dad)
Iphone / Ipod Docking Station or Speakers
2 light cardigans
2 pairs pajama pants/shorts
Boppy Pillow or Breast Friend (just bring 1!)
1-2 change of clothes for Dad
Going home blanket for baby
Going home outfit for baby
Mittens for baby
Going home hat for baby
Going home socks for baby
Going home burp cloth for baby

Extra Information 
The hard candy –  once you get to the hospital, you can’t eat while you are in labor.  The hard candies you can suck on and will help take the edge off.

The vitamin waters – same reason as above.  Some hospitals may restrict you to water only…I’ve heard of some hospitals still allowing the Vitamin waters.  If not, you’ll surely drink them after you deliver!

**I’m not packing a going home outfit for myself.  I’m going to wear in what I will go home in.  Since they make you change into a hospital gown once you get there anyways.

Iphone / Ipod Docking Station or Speakers – this is optional, you don’t NEED this.  But, I’ve heard from a few friends that they were able to hear women in labor in neighboring rooms.  This could add to your stress or straight up freak you out.  So being able to jam out to whatever music or noise you choose vs. a screaming woman in labor that isn’t you… sounds like a better option!

2 pairs of pajama pants – these are for after you deliver.  And from what I’ve heard, these can get ruined.  So I bought 2 pajama pants for $5 each at Walmart.  That way, I won’t feel bad about chucking them in the trash before we leave the hospital.  I would also suggest getting black or dark pants…if you need further explanation on why…email me!

**The hospital provides a “spray” for your on-the-mend hm hm.  All of my friends have told me to make sure you do NOT leave the hospital without it!  It provides the best relief and healing.

**Some items you may want to grab once you’re ready to go to the hospital.  Keep a list of these items with the hospital bag for when it’s needed.  That way, if you are gleefully freaking out about it being time, you won’t forget something you needed!


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9 thoughts on “Hospital Packing List

  1. LOL! love this! but I would pack an outfit for yourself. My friend just had her baby a few months ago and her water broke right before she got changed into her hospital gown! 🙂


  2. I second the going home outfit for yourself. I went into the hospital wearing a tank and maternity jeans thinking I was going to wear it when I left. Turns out I was way too sore “down there” to wear jeans so I ended up wearing sweatpants. I recommend some comfy, baggy ones.I had to laugh at the iPod to cover the sounds of screaming women in labor. I felt sorry for any women who might have heard me because I was LOUD! hehe


  3. lol Some women have to have on a full face makeup and their hair all done up just to give birth. They end up looking ridiculous! I was unexpectedly induced so I had to wear my jeans into the hospital, but if I would have gone into labor on my own, I totally would have been bumming it! haha


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