Baby Tips

My sister-in-law sent me a list of helpful baby tips, that I thought would be helpful for other first time momma’s out there.  I’ve added a few of my own to the list, and hope to keep adding useful tips that we come across as we go along.  Please feel free to comment and add other tips!
Baby Tips 

*NEWLY ADDED* When you are newly pregnant, go ahead and get some yoga pants (maternity or regular).  They are much more comfortable than maternity jeans / maternity dress pants.  What’s also great is you can wear them AFTER you give birth, and while you are tired and adjusting to your new life, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible! I got 2 pairs, 1 black and 1 grey.  I’ve worn them both as dress pants, and no one ever knew.  Try Target or Old Navy!

Double sheet the crib, with a waterproof pad in between the 2 sheets.  If the baby makes a mess in the middle of the night, you can just remove the top sheet and waterproof pad off without having to remake the bed.
Remove tags and wash all the baby clothes before baby comes.  You won’t have time once the baby is here!  This also applies to burp cloths, blankets, stuffed animals, etc.  Our dryer has a steam sanitize setting that I’ve been using for the stuffed animals.
Get your breast pump, put it together and learn how it works…before the baby comes.  You’ll want to be ready the first time you need it.  **Make sure you have the right size breast shields or pumping will hurt and be leaky. If you have the right size, your nipple should fill up most of the tube opening of the breast shield.
Put everything together – bouncer, swing, pack and play, stroller, highchair, etc.  Even if you fold it back up to put away.  The last thing you want to be doing when baby gets here is assemble things and figure out how to use them!
If you have a smart phone, get a breastfeeding app!  iBaby Feed ($1.99) on the iPhone is awesome!  But there are freebies out there.  The apps can track how often you’re feeding, how long between feeds, which side you need to start on, gives you logs to show the pediatrician.
Get lanolin and at least 2 pairs of Soothies nipple pads.  You can find Soothies in the store, but they are sold out a lot of the time and when in stock, there is only one!  When you need them, you won’t want to go to a store, and talk about a major bummer if they are sold out.  You will NEED them.
Fill out all of the pediatrician forms, as much as you can, before the baby comes.  That way, the first visit, you just fill in the birth date and name instead of filling out pages of forms.
If you have any pets, take them to the vet before you have the baby.  Explain to your vet that you are having a baby and you’d like to take care of everything needed for the next 6 months or so.  Just one less thing to worry about!
Sleeping topless at night, applying lanolin before going to bed and after night feedings, can help your nipples heal.
When choosing a car seat, choose one that you can purchase an extra base.  So both you and dad can have a base already installed in each of your cars.  Much easier than moving the base every time you take a different vehicle.

I ordered “pee pads” to put on top of the changing pad cover.  My thinking is that I won’t have to change the cover as much if the baby makes a mess on a disposable pad, which means, less laundry!  And also, clean up time becomes only seconds.  I found a pack of 100 on Amazon for $13. 

Items to Get Before Baby Arrives
Tuck or Witch Hazel Pads – for “down there”
Heating pad – to sit on the first few weeks.
Stool Softener Tablets (for you)
Baby Tylenol – if your boy is getting circumcised, you’ll need this.  Ask the pediatrician what dose to give.
Infant Gas Drops
Diaper Rash Cream 

Baby powder 

Toiletries for baby
Baby nail clippers – they won’t clip the baby’s nails in the hospital.  **Try clipping the nails while nursing.  The baby is distracted and less squirmy.
Baby mittens – some babies will accidentally scratch their face, and these help protect their cute cheeks!

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6 thoughts on “Baby Tips

  1. Best advice I ever got was: sleep when the baby sleeps. Seriously! Do it!Don't forget to buy a cold pack for “down there.” It helps a lot with pain and swelling. They will give you some in the hospital, but not for at home. Keep the diaper bag packed at all times. I always have mine packed with an extra pacifier, clothes, toys, diapers, wipes, nursing cover, pacifier wipes, disposable bags, and a portable changing pad. I have extras of these items specifically for the diaper bag so I don't have to worry about forgetting anything. Pack at least one shirt for yourself…you never know when baby will throw up on you!Also, don't go crazy buying too many of one particular size of diaper. I did that and my son ended up needing preemie size (he was full term and 7 pounds). Buy a small pack of newborn for now then go from there. Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. Not sure either, but it is worth a shot!! I know she used a breast friend pillow that allowed her to have free hands as needed…when sitting of course.


  3. Fantastic advice with the waterproof pad! When you're dealing with a wet baby, blanket and bedding at 3am, every spared second in the cleanup process is important.


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