Week 30

Week 30 Belly Update - The Not So Desperate Chef Wife

Week 30 Belly Update - The Not So Desperate Chef Wife

How big is baby? The size of a cucumber! 

Baby Development FYI:  Your 15.2- to 16.7-inch, 2.5- to 3.8-pound baby continues to grow. His skin is getting smoother.  But his brain is getting wrinklier — to make way for all that essential brain tissue.  He’s now strong enough to grasp a finger!

My body has been invaded, how’s that going?
Holy leg cramps people.  The Friday morning after Thanksgiving, I had THE worst LEG CRAMP ever.  I had minor ones all night, and I should’ve known the big 10.0 earth quake of a leg cramp was on the way.  My muscle was sore and I was limping for 3 whole days after this leg cramp.  Thank  goodness for other pregnant and smart girls out there, my good friend brought me some calcium supplements, and I haven’t had a leg cramp since.

My body has been invaded, well I think the baby feels like their space has been invaded with my organs.  I can tell it is running out of room and is kicking to make more space.  I’ve also had a few spouts of being nauseous, but that has seemed to stop for now thank goodness.  As well as the heart burn.  My OB said it was okay to take Zantac to prevent heart burn, and it has been working like a charm.  Thanksgiving was a good test!

Maternity coats.  Suck.  They are just awful.  It’s like they are trying to make us look hideous.  And then to top it all off, they don’t have pockets!  But at least trying them on gave me a good laugh.  I got lucky and a friend back home let me borrow hers, because she is awesome, and it has pockets.  And I found a grey pea-coat at Motherhood Maternity that is actually flattering.

It’s amazing how tired and out of breath you get.  And how you can actually FEEL the weight of your growing belly.  This all happens every time I walk up the stairs.  Or when I’m sitting on the floor putting something together.  That used to take 10 minutes, but now it’s a full on work out!

What’s been on my mind?  Getting things ready.  It’s funny, in the beginning you count how many weeks you are, now my count has switched to a countdown.  I only have 9 MORE WEEKS TO GO (give or take).  So Nate and I are both starting to get things straightened up and stocking up on diapers.  I’ve been scouting out consignment shops to hit up after we have the baby for gender appropriate clothes.  We have some, that are all for boys, so we are good if we have a boy.  But if we have a girl…we’ll need to do a little bit of shopping!
We’ve been putting the finishing touches on the nursery.  Like putting together a bookshelf and hanging pictures.  My mom ordered us the glider and ottoman we really wanted as a Christmas gift (thanks mom!), and it will be here in 7-8 weeks…JUST IN TIME!  Will post some pictures of the nursery so far, soon.

Crazy Cravings:  Ice cream with hard chocolate shell. Mexican. Sweet and spicy. And trying to eat an apple a day to keep it healthy.

Highlights: Lots of highlights!  Had a doctors appointment and everything was normal.  The OB commented that the baby sounded “very happy” in there.  I’ve gained 19 lbs so far, which I actually feel good about.  The way I’ve been eating, I expected a lot higher 🙂

Thanksgiving.  Ever since we found out about being pregnant, I would say “I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!” There was no way in the years before that I could eat 3 meals, and clean each of my plates.  This year, that was not a problem.

Getting my breast pump in the mail.  It was funny to show Nate and his friend my new “purse” and the most expensive purse I’ve ever owned.  Gave me a chuckle.

Looking forward to my showers the next weekend.  I can’t wait to see everyone back home.  And I’m even more excited that Nate gets to come with!  That’s right, we get a weekend!! 

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