Funfetti Fudge

Adapted from:  I’m Topsy Turvy & Baked from a Box

Nate and his best friend have been gone on a week long hunting trip to Missouri all week.  Which has left me at home to fend for myself.  I wish I could say that meant I’ve been making the healthiest meal choices while the boys were away, but I can not tell a lie.  The first night, I definitely had a bowl of pecan pie ice cream with hard chocolate shell for dinner.  Pregnant and home alone (one of my favorite movies btw), so sue me 🙂

There have been quite a few cake batter fudge recipes floating around Pinterest lately, and if there is one thing I miss being able to eat, it’s cookie dough.  So giving the cake batter fudge seemed like a great way to satisfy the craving.  But, don’t worry, you do not have to be a pregnant-junk-food-fanatic to give these a try!

The fudge takes literally 2 minutes in the microwave to whip up. Oh, and the 1 minute it takes you to measure and dump the ingredients in a bowl.  I would suggest making these for a party, shower, or bringing them to work…because they are THAT easy to make and you will want to eat the whole batch!

I also bought a gingerbread cake mix to try the same recipe with, and instead of sprinkles I’ll be adding some roasted pecans.  YUM.  And then I want to try out a red velvet or a strawberry fudge.  That is the beauty of cake mix recipes, the possibilities are endless!

Funfetti Fudge - The Not So Desperate Chef Wife

1 box funfetti cake mix
2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup of butter (1 stick), cut into cubes
Sprinkles (optional)

-Add cake mix and powdered sugar to a large microwave-safe bowl and mix together.
-Add the stick of butter and pour the milk into the cake/sugar mix.
-Microwave for 2 minutes
-Stir the mixture immediately until combined
-Pour mixture into a greased (I used baking spray) 9×9 glass dish
-Sprinkle with…you guessed it!  SPRINKLES!
-Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. (I let mine sit overnight).
-Cut into bite-sized pieces, share (optional), and enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Funfetti Fudge

  1. Great question! No you do not have to keep this fudge refrigerated. If you have leftovers, just keep them in an airtight plastic container or in a baking dish covered with plastic wrap, out on the counter is fine.


  2. I haven't tried freezing and thawing them. Will have to give that a try and find out! If you do, let me know.I did put a batch in the freezer for a little bit to speed up the hardening so I wouldn't have to wait the long hour 🙂


  3. I made these and while they tastes absolutely yummy, I was disappointed in that the texture didn't harden more like fudge. Even after refrigerating overnight, and then putting in the freezer all day, they were too ooey gooey to eat with your hands and were very hard to cut into squares and get out of the pan. Is that the way they are supposed to be? Or did I not get the secret memo???


  4. Did you use real butter? Margarine or the spreadable stuff will not work for this recipe. Also make sure you are using the correct proportions if each ingredient. If you're still having trouble, please feel free to email me 🙂


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