Week 24

How big is baby? The size of a cantaloupe! 

Baby Development FYI:  Your 10.5-to-11.8-inch fetus weighs about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces and every week she gets closer and closer to being ready to survive (and thrive!) in the outside world.  Her see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque.  And it’s got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.

My body has been invaded, how’s that going?  Bending over is a challenge.  So instead of doing pregnant yoga, shaving my legs is enough of a work out.  But I have a feeling I won’t be able to shave my stems much longer!  Lucky for me, winter is approaching.  What did you do to keep from completely letting yourself go?

The heartburn continues and I’m sure it will be here until the delivery.  From what I’ve heard it should disappear once the kiddo is here.  And it normally happens in the morning and at night.

A lot of walking gets to me.  Last weekend, after a trip to Ikea, I felt like I was walking uphill the whole time.  Had to stop several times (thank goodness for all the beds and sofas!) to take a break.  The next day I was so sore and stiff, I knew I had overdone it.

My feet are starting to swell just a bit.  When I take my socks off at the end of the day, it looks like I’m still wearing them haha!  But I’ve figured out if I prop my feet up and drink a lot of water throughout the day, the swelling doesn’t happen.  Same goes for the leg cramps.

I read somewhere that the baby is most active between week 24-28.  That was no lie.  I swear this kid is break dancing in my belly.  It’s awesome, cute, and I love it most of the time.  Just not at 4am.  And woooooo the kicks are getting stronger!  Which is good, means the babe is healthy and growing strong. 

*Another honesty stick moment* I have now experienced my first hemorrhoid. That’s all I have to say about that, but hey all you non-preggos need to know what you are in for!  And I have now been experience what I like to call a boob zinger.  The boob zinger only happens for about 10 minutes every morning, and it only happens to the knocker on the right.  But WOW does it hurt.  I’ve looked it up on other pregnancy/baby websites and found it was very common and comes from your milk ducts getting ready.

What’s been on my mind?  How crazy is it that we only have about 15 weeks left?!  I’ve already been through 15 weeks of pregnancy and those flew by.  So how fast are the last 15 going to go?  To us that is so exciting and scary at the same time.  

We’ve been having conversations about what we hope life will be like with a baby, but also realizing we’ll have absolutely no idea until he or she gets here.  Also conversations about our expectations of each other, which I think every couple should talk about.  Every couple’s situation is different, so you have to figure out what is right for you and what you are willing to tolerate.  But with our work schedules being what they are, Nate will have the baby, alone, 2 days a week, and vice versa. So we will both be feeding, changing diapers, changing clothes, etc.  And we will both become comfortable taking care of the baby for an extended period of time on our own.  A little intimidating, but once we get the hang of it, we both agreed it’ll be a good thing.  If Nate wants to go on a weekend trip, I’ll be fine.  If I want to go on a weekend trip, he’ll be fine.  Not that we go on trips all the time, but still, what if.

Have also been thinking about how funny life is and how things change.  College parties were fun and all, but wow, weddings and babies are so much more exciting!  Baby showers and wedding showers are so much more…fulfilling…seeing everyone so happy and marking that milestone in whom ever’s life. -End Sentimental Hormone Moment 🙂 –

Crazy Cravings:  Nachos!  Can’t get enough of them.  Loaded with everything!  Yea I blamed the rain, but maybe it wasn’t all the rains fault 🙂

Highlights:  Nothing to do with our baby, but our nephew started walking this week!! We can’t believe how fast he is growing and learning new things.  So proud of our little glow worm 🙂  We are all looking forward to the cousins running around and playing one day.

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