Week 14

Morning Bump
Evening Bump

How big is baby? The size of a lemon!

Baby Name this Week:  Luigi.  I realized this week we would be referring to our baby as “it” until IT is born which is so boring and not personal.  So from this week forward I will give the baby a funny nick name until we give him/her a real one. 
Baby Development FYI:  At week 14, your baby is 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces, Luigi’s almost doubled in weight since last week and keeps on growing. Luigi’s probably sucking it’s thumb and wiggling it’s toes in there!  Luigi’s kidneys are making urine, and the liver and spleen are doing their jobs, too.  And Luigi’s growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over it’s body — it will help Luigi keep warm!
My body has been invaded, how’s that going?  Bloated. Bloated. And more bloated. I’m starting to think my body is using the bloat as a way to stretch my stomach out for the upcoming months.  My bump still looks like a large beer gut, so I’m really looking forward to looking pregnant and not like I need to cut back on the 6-packs.  I’ve gotten my energy back for the most part, but I tire quickly.  The energy has come in spurts.  I’ll get a ton of cleaning done and then crash to the recliner.  My hair is starting to sprout new strands and definitely getting thicker.  I’ve been getting headaches now, so I’m increasing my H2O intake.  I’ve been sleeping really well this week which is always nice.  Only having to get up 1-2 times during the night.  This maybe due to my purchase of this lovely machine:

I haven’t mentioned this before because I debated if it was TMI, but reading other blogs in the past, I was always looking for the nitty-gritty truth about pregnancy.  Like, what are these moms-to-be NOT telling us? Well, what I haven’t been telling you for weeks is, I’ve been constipated like no other.  And when I actually “get to go” it is a special event that calls for a celebration at the end.  And I may or may not be getting a “hemi”.  Not sure what’s going on down there and if it has to do with the constipation or something else haha.  Will update you! Gas. Burping and farting.  If you are the type of girl that has never passed gas in front of your husband, look out.  You might as well break the ice…or wind… now!  So there.  I said it, I’ve told you.  The really not so pretty parts of pregnancy that I will probably never get the guts to share again. 

What’s been on my mind?  Honestly, not much.  Just day dreaming about what it will be like to hold a baby and have who ever it is in my belly on the outside.  I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on baby gear and trying to prepare for registering.  Reading about baby monitors kinda freaked me out.  It seemed like every single one had several malfunction reviews.

Crazy Cravings:  More onion dip.  More ice cream.  More milkshakes. More chocolate milk.  Did I mention that I’m lactose intolerant?  So these cravings are quite painful.  I need to find out if it is safe to take lactaid or something.  Potato chips. Chick Fila. Made a pasta sauce with crush tomatoes, roasted garlic, balsamic vinegar, and oregano that to me was delicious…Nate, not so much.  Orange juice.  I would really LOVE to chow down on some deli meat.  Especially cappicola and prosciutto. Had this ginormous hamburger for lunch on Saturday and it was AMAZING!

Appointments/Classes:  Nadda this week.  Our next appointment will be on August 29th.  Check up + ultrasound.

Highlights: Nothing major this week which is a highlight to me.  This is the most “normal” I’ve felt since being pregnant.  So just trying to enjoy it.  I went shopping for a few maternity clothes and found some great deals on shirts.  Jeans will be where I splurge a bit.  And I’m really looking forward to next week, being the size of an ORANGE.

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8 thoughts on “Week 14

  1. Just wait a few more weeks and you will pop! I'm about four weeks ahead of you and remember a month ago complaining about having no bump! Now, I have nothing to worry about! Also, Dulcolax will help majorly with constipation! My OB recommended it to me before there was any problems and I haven't had any to date!


  2. Thanks for your honest updates/posts! I am two weeks behind you and I also would suggest Dulcolax. I am ready for a baby belly, not a gas belly too! Enjoy having your energy back! thanks again!


  3. Glad you appreciate it. I'm just waiting for my husband to read it and his jaw to drop lol. Is this your first baby as well? I'm so glad there are others out there going through the same thing at the same time!


  4. Yes, this is my first too! We aren't going to find out either, but “it” doesn't have a nickname yet! I told my husband the exact same thing you said…I am glad I can relate to another person's great and not so great adventures in pregnancy.


  5. Just getting caught up after a BUSY week and wanted to chime in as I too am lactose intolerant…doc said it was totally fine to take Lactaid (still check with yours as every pregnancy is different). Oddly enough, I found myself more tolerant of limited amounts of dairy during my pregnancy than before or after it. Go figure :)~Amanda


  6. Hey Cori, just tried to see if you had a blog I could keep up with you on, but didn't find it. If you have one, please send it to me!But I was just wondering how you were doing with your pregnancy. Hope it is going well 🙂


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