Must be getting old…

Normally, when I travel, I am the life of the party.  I’m constantly on the go and up for anything, and could stay up for anything.  This time around I find myself exhausted at the end of the day and just want to go to bed.  I could careless about the excitement going on outside my hotel window.  What I do care about is missing my husband, my dog, my house, and my bed!  

Granted, this is my first business trip, so I’m not use to working and traveling, and maybe that is what’s to blame.  Maybe I feel like I have more of a duty to be well-rested for the next day of conferences.  Maybe I feel like this trip isn’t at all about having fun, it is work, end of story.  But, probably not.  I’m just getting old or something haha!

I’ve had a wonderful time so far and have already eaten some amazing meals.  Of course my first stop was to try one of Chicago’s famous stuffed, deep-dish pizzas and it did not disappoint!  I kept being told that Chicago had great steak, which makes no sense to me.  Where are the cows?  But I try filet mignon sliders and holy cow they were amazing!  Who know a simple sesame seed bun and hunk of meat could be that tasty?  One of my favorites being the ginormous double-baked potato…

Also enjoyed an afternoon snack at this cute little pizza place and my outdoor table provided an excellent place for people watching!  Does anyone else like to people-watch while traveling?  I know to some it may sound creepy, but just watching random people, you get the overall vibe of a city.  For me, I’m always curious what other people’s lives are like.  What do they do all day?  

Years ago I could. not. wait. to get out of town.  Years ago I thought I wanted to live all over the place.  Now that I’m away from home, all I want to do is be home.  And I keep comparing the place I’m at to home and oh how I miss you Raleigh!!! Hold on, is this homesickness?  This is a first!

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2 thoughts on “Must be getting old…

  1. I realized that while I was typing the post, it's different when traveling for business. Definitely trying to enjoy this experience and the good food 🙂


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