Sinless Margarita Giveaway!

**Giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all who entered!**

Well, summer is almost here which means most of us are trying to get into shape for bikini season.  Which wouldn’t be so difficult if you never wanted to have any fun and margaritas didn’t exist.  Well, they do, and they are delicious.  But, your typical margarita mixes have anywhere from 60-80 calories per serving in them!  Holy begeezus, how are we supposed to get anywhere with that?  Especially on Cinco de Mayo…

Have you heard of Sinless Margarita?  These all-natural mixes are sweetened with Stevia Extract and are only 5 calories per serving.  Which makes each margarita…sinless.  And you no longer have to feel bad about the 5 margaritas you had last night, yea girl, 5!  If you do the math, 400 calories compared to 25…you would be crazy not to use Sinless Margarita Mix from now on.

I brought these mixers to a girl’s night this past weekend and we couldn’t believe how yummy they tasted.  The girls kept commenting on how much flavor the mixers had without being overly sweet and thick.  That’s what usually keeps me from using mixers is, some are too syrupy and sweet for their own good.  Flat out, these are by far the best margarita mixes I’ve ever had, no matter how many calories they have!

And how cool are the bottles?  

sinless margarita mix

My favorite part about Sinless Margaritas are that they were created by a husband and wife, Zach and Cat Hawkins.  They are so down-to-earth and seem like the kind of couple I’d like to hang out with.  And what makes them even more awesome is, they’ve offered to give 1 free bottle of Sinless Margarita mix to 2 of my readers.

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The 2 winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 23rd!

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