Low Country Boil Wednesday

It is normal for you to come home, open your fridge, and see a package of ground beef just waiting to be cooked.  It is not so normal for you to come home to a bag of live crabs on your counter…unless you live with us!  I swear, it takes a lot to surprise me now.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled into the garage with dead ducks hanging in front of my car from the boys duck hunting that morning, what a welcome.  Or the time I came home to a yard blanketed in goose feathers because Nate used a leaf blower instead of a vacuum.  And I’m not talking about one feather every few feet…it looked like a whole flock of geese just decided they’d had enough of their feathers and dropped them off in our yard.  But on the bright side, it was a nice distraction from all the weeds in our yard!  Or the time I came home to a giant turtle shell in the front yard on top of an ant hill.  Basically, boys are nuts.

But the bag of crabs worked out in everyone’s favor this time.  We had a delicious, week night, low country boil to celebrate hump day!  The fixings also included shrimp, butter fish, potato, corn, sausage, and old bay.  Enjoy the pictures of the pissed off crabs and the end result.

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