Sewing Table / Craft Desk: Part 1

My awesome mother in law got me a sewing machine for my birthday back in February.  She has to have psychic abilities or a little birdie told her I was starting to look for a sewing machine.  Wonder who the birdie could’ve been?  Needless to say, I was so surprised and excited about the gift!

Now that it is May and my sewing machine still hasn’t escaped it’s box, it is time for me to get cracking on the sewing table / craft desk.  I’ve had the plan for months and just have been too busy to make it happen.  No more excuses.  

Everyone who knows me, is well aware of my obsession with orange.  It’s not just my favorite color, it’s my way of life.  So naturally, you would think I would paint my desk orange.  Sorry to disappoint and shock you but…

Next step is to paint the underside of the desk and shelves.  Then it is assembly time!

Published by KMo679

I like orange.

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