New Console Table and Storage Ottomans *UPDATE*

Remember this post?  We needed more storage in our living room and a place for misc. items to “land”.  So I went with a console table with drawers and 2 storage ottomans that double as extra seating when needed.  The ottomans have really come in handy because they hide Nate’s ugly xbox controllers (love you) and extra tv wires.  But the table top felt blank because it…was blank.  This past weekend I finally did something about it. (excuse the poor photo quality, my phone didn’t know any better)

console table with storage

I purchased the burlap table runner, the wood serving platter, and the cute fruit bowl from Target.  The bowl is actually Nate’s “drop off” place.  When ever he gets home from work there is no telling where he will lay his keys down or drop off his hat and sunglasses or where his wallet will end up.  Now they all get dropped off in this nifty little bowl!  Problem solved!  Found the lamp at Pier1 and got it for $30 (not bad!) and took a trip to A. C. Moore to pick up a Paula Deen candle and some fake flowers to dress up the table.  Now, next on the list is some wall art or a mirror!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, I know I’m ready for it!

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4 thoughts on “New Console Table and Storage Ottomans *UPDATE*

  1. I need to have oodles more storage. We were supposed to have a garage sale today to get rid of a bunch of stuff… but they said it would rain. Guess what.. I'm sitting here and it's beautifully sunny outside. I wish I had gone through with the sale now. I think your ottomans are great.. love the color. 🙂


  2. Isn't it awesome? All the lamps at Pier 1 were $120+ and there was NO way I was going to spend that much on a freakin lamp! And this cutie was just stuffed in a corner. Got lucky for sure.


  3. The ottomans being a fun color really makes the space more lively. And the burlap runner…just got another one to put on top of our dining room table. I just realized how burlap goes with every season's decor!


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