April Beach Trip Part 1

We just got back from a four day vacation to the beach.  Some good friends of ours joined us along with their 3 year old daughter who was loads of fun.  And the weather could not have been anymore perfect, our sun burns say thanks!

You’ve probably heard me talk about hunting, just a tad.  That’s because I hear about it ALL the time.  Now that hunting season is over, the men’s new hobby is…fishing.  Goody.  So while at the beach of course the guys had an arsenal of fishing rods set up along the surf and casted into the water.  They let me take a whack at it, and I will admit, casting those huge poles was fun.  Then we all sat down in our comfy beach chairs and had a few cold ones.  One of the poles started to dance…MINE!

That’s right.  The beginner caught herself a fish.  All it took was me sitting on my butt and drinking a beer to get one…I LOVE THIS HOBBY!  I reeled that big boy in and it turned out to be a 3.5 lb black drum.  Go me.  The weight kind of disappointed me because it felt like 50 lbs was tugging on the line.  Of course I realize this kind of fishing, and most fishing for that matter, is pure luck.  But it was an awesome feeling catching a fish.  A real fish!  Not the tiny little fish sticks we usually catch at the lake.

Between the group, about a dozen puffer fish were caught also.  But we weren’t too sure about eating those so we usually threw them back until another fisherman showed us how to fillet one.  We still weren’t sure about eating them and thought we’d wait until we saw him the next day because that would mean he survived eating his.  He didn’t show up.  So we used the puffer fish as bait.  Our friends daughter had so much fun naming the puffer fish “Sebastian” and every time one was caught she got so excited that Sebastian had come back to see her.  And when her prince charming (Nate) cut up Sebastian for bait, she was…traumatized?  Pissed?  Heartbroken? Good going hun!

And that was just part of the trip.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!  More to come 🙂

Love my fisherman!

The fish was  named Scary. Or was that my face?

Nate, are you jealous?

Artsy Shot #1

Artsy Shot #2

She was cold…and her dad was creative!

Caught you using a pink pole 🙂

Arsenal of Rods


Puffy Sebastian

Deflated Sebastian

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6 thoughts on “April Beach Trip Part 1

  1. Wow! The weather looks spectacular!!! Lucky you. 🙂 I've never seen a puffer fish before… they are comical looking! Thanks for sharing your photos. Glad to hear you had a great trip.


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