Blooming in the Garden

Most of this blog is about food, but I do work at a plant nursery and I do have a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture.  And, I also have my new toy that I purchased a few months ago, my Canon Rebel t3i.  Because of the bipolar winter we had, I was too nervous to bring my camera to work until today.  Here are some pictures and plant names to get your gardening panties in a bunch! 

Some things I learned:
-Don’t be afraid to get down in the dirt to get the angle you want
-Before you do anything else, find which direction the light is coming from
-Keep snapping, it may take 30 takes to get 1 awesome picture
-Natural light is the BEST
-Looking down on a plant gives you a whole new perspective (Paris sp.)

These images have not been retouched or edited in anyway.  I did resize them down so they would upload quicker. That’s it.  And for those of you who are much more experienced or are professional photographers, no laughing, this is the first time I’ve gotten to use my camera to photograph plants…outside! ha

Helleborus x hybridus dbl picotee purple-white

Helleborus x hybridus ‘Winter Dream Black’

Oxalis crassipes ‘Cherry Spritzer’

Oxalis crassipes ‘Cherry Spritzer’

Paris sp.

Primula x polyantha ‘Supernova’

Ranunculus ficaria ‘Colarette’

Vinca minor ‘Illumination’

Helleborus niger ‘Nell Lewis Strain’

Primula x polyantha ‘Supernova’
Corydalis lutea

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2 thoughts on “Blooming in the Garden

  1. I love a beautiful garden and you certainly have one here!! I'm glad you're enjoying your new camera. I'm going to by a new camera soon…and I have it narrowed down to the t3i. 🙂 Good to see it in use. 🙂


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