Oh you know, just your usual hump day!

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I’m not the first to ask this question, but I’m going to ask it again anyway…what the heck is up with this weather?  70 degrees in February is just ridiculous.  But, we were able to grill out last night, so the bipolar weather isn’t ALL bad!  Grilling is wonderful.  Just throw everything on and you are good to go.  Clean up is easy too!

I’m still learning all of the settings on my new camera and I’ve learned a lot so far.  But I definitely have a lot more to learn!  To help/make myself learn all the settings I’ve made a rule, I am not allowed under any circumstances to use the “auto” setting.  So last night I took my first “night” shots just to see if it was even possible.  These are NOT photography worth by any means, but they do show the yummy food that met my belly 🙂

On the Menu
Duck breasts (a la Nate)

P.S.  The high for today is 80 degrees.  They might as well open the pool already!

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3 thoughts on “Oh you know, just your usual hump day!

  1. Georgia and North Carolina are very similar. Georgia is a little warmer, but still, we feel your pain! ha. 1 request, if the weather chooses to be cold, please SNOW! No more of this messy cold rain.


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