Mustache Has Been Slashed Away!

Okay, remember Movember from this post? Well, Nate kept his mustache until late Sunday night.  He committed to keeping the handlebar stash until the end of hunting season, so now I have 2 reasons to party.  No more mustache going up my nose every time I lean in for a smooch and no more deadContinue reading “Mustache Has Been Slashed Away!”

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Source: Stephanie Cooks Nate and I were super tired last night.  This weekend was considered very active for us, a wedding Friday night and the company Super Bowl party Sunday night.  So to say our day at work was dragging would be an understatement!  For dinner we had tortellini salad and cooked chicken, that’s it. Continue reading “Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies”

CAR-amelized Onion Dip

Is there a word that you mispronounce all the time…and you are fully aware of it?  For some reason, your mis-pronounciation sounds better to you, but to the rest of the world listening to you butcher the word you sound like a dufus?  For me, it is “caramelized.”  And no matter how many times I’veContinue reading “CAR-amelized Onion Dip”