Mustache Has Been Slashed Away!

Okay, remember Movember from this post? Well, Nate kept his mustache until late Sunday night.  He committed to keeping the handlebar stash until the end of hunting season, so now I have 2 reasons to party.  No more mustache going up my nose every time I lean in for a smooch and no more dead animals in my garage!  I’m such a good wife to put up with that! haha

Some final shots:

The moment of truth:

So now when he tries to have a serious talk with me, I won’t burst out laughing!

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I like orange.

4 thoughts on “Mustache Has Been Slashed Away!

  1. My Husband went from a full on beard to a tiny mustache… I couldn't stop laughing and my son started crying that he wanted Daddy's beard back… thanks for bringing back that memory…. BTW arrgggg HUNTING SEASON


  2. Wait, I'm not the only one that had to go through this?! Hunting season, ughhhh. But, would you rather he go golfing all year?? Hold on, I shouldn't help them out on this one hah.


  3. I'm a new follower from MBC. I look at your pictures and recipes and think…”yum”. Hope you'll follow back…www.treatmetoafeast-beloved.blogspot.comPeace and good,Chelle


  4. Hi from your newest follower 🙂 Love the recipes, can't wait to try a few of them out. Would love you to check out my blog… 3peasinapodpapercrafts.comHave a great daySarah


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