Denmark, Finland, and Norway

We went to Denmark and back yesterday, in fact, we drove through Finland and Norway to get there.  Yet, we’ve never been to Europe, and we were back home by 9:30pm.  So how did we manage to do that you ask?  We took a road trip to Denmark, South Carolina!

Nate’s best friend Tagg’s grandfather passed away earlier this week and so we made the trip in a day to attend the funeral.  Even though I had never met him, I’d always heard Nate and Tagg speak highly of him and tell stories.

After the service and “dinner” (In the deep south there are 3 meals…breakfast, dinner, and supper), Tagg gave a tour of Denmark, SC.  I finally got to see the river and hunting stands that these boys had been hunting in for years…for Tagg’s whole life really.  There were cotton fields everywhere that had already been harvested and it was awesome!  One thing I envy about the country is that no one lives right on top of another.  No one cares what their neighbor down the road is doing and you have the freedom to do whatever the heck you want to on your property.  Another thing I envy about Denmark is a restaurant called Tuten’s.

Yep, Tuten’s.  The mystery has been solved.  The best fried chicken in the whole wide world can be found at Tuten’s!  The chicken is moist and the breading is perfectly crispy on both sides.  There is nothing I hate more than fried chicken that is crispy on the outside and soggy on the inside…just aint right!  The owner was too nice.  Nate had ordered me a medium sweet tea, and she could just sense I was thirsty, and bumped me up to a large on the house 🙂  

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3 thoughts on “Denmark, Finland, and Norway

  1. Oh for the love of good fried chicken. I need to go ahead and make some soon. I hate paying $9 for 7 pieces. However frying does take a good hour, so it is not like it easy. Someone once told me the trick is to soak in buttermilk overnight?Well if you are ever in Atlanta my favorite is (when I am on that side of the city) is Matthew's Cafeteria in Tucker.PS Found you via Mom Bloggers Club, I am following you on GFC and twitter. Follow me back at I talk about deals, money saving tips and butter. Butter is my favorite.


  2. If I am ever in the Atlanta area, I will definitely try that! Oh yea, butter. Anyone who denies the greatness of butter should…just get out of the kitchen! haha


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