New Camera and Accessories

Santa was a little late this year, but he finally got to me and dropped off a Canon Rebel t3i.  So excited to play with this little thing.  I have already ordered a new camera bag and strap cover to make this Rebel the most stylish on the block.  

Found this bag at Jo Totes – Camera bags for women and am in love!  It took some searching to come across this gem and to my surprise, it was not the most expensive camera bag I came across…by far.  The inside fabric is one of my favorite patterns, houndstooth.  Can’t wait for this bag to be delivered!

Who knew camera straps could be so cute?  Found this little cutie in an etsy shop, Snugglen Camera Strap.  I was a little nervous to buy a whole new strap so this is the perfect solution to covering up the ugly Canon strap that was included in my camera box. This cover is padded and comes with a lens cap pocket.

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I like orange.

8 thoughts on “New Camera and Accessories

  1. The bag comes in MANY different colors. Some are sold out, probably because of the holidays. But don't you love that it looks more like a PURSE instead of a dorky camera bag haha 🙂


  2. That is so awesome Erika! Did you receive an slr as well?? I'm actually quite impressed with Jo Totes so far. This morning I already had an email that my bag had shipped.


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