It’s begining to look alot like Christmas

Last night, after a lovely dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant, we took the truck and got ourselves a Christmas tree!  Then we went for a drive to look for houses with the best Christmas light displays and boy did we get lucky.  We saw some crazy lights.  The craziness of all turned out to be a family that owns a Christmas light store and they were using their yard for advertising…smart but that is kind of cheating.  Once we got home we brought tree inside, strung the lights, hooked the ornaments, and wrapped the skirt around the trunk. Most of our ornaments were given to us by a good family friend.  Each ornament is either cooking, food, or gardening themed, so we have a “Farmer’s Market Tree”. 

One thing I am very thankful for nowadays is Nate’s schedule being switched to opening.  Now we get to spend every evening together!  Way better than when he was closing and we only crossed paths for a couple of hours on my weekend.  If he were still on the closing shift, lord knows when we would have gotten a Christmas tree, or been able to decorate it together.  So I am very glad we got to pick out and decorate our first Christmas tree in this house together!  Oh wait, I decorated and he sat on the couch to watch with a vodka cranberry!

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