Just Could Not Wait

I know the rule is to start decorating for Christmas AFTER Thanksgiving, but I just could not wait to start decorating our new house for Christmas!  So, I broke the rules and started decorating…a few days ago.  I found these garland balls and bought some little ornaments, do-dads, and fake poinsettia flowers at a craft store and made these wreath balls to hang on the windows in the living room!  As a centerpiece for our dining room table, I was going to go hunting for some pine cones to spray paint red & white and set in a clear bowl.  But, I got lazy and just bought a bunch of red ornaments to put in the bowl instead.  I was presently surprised at how good they look!

We are going out of town for Thanksgiving day and in preparation, I haven’t made anything spectacular…yet.  I have a few recipes I am going to try out for the first time and if they are a hit, I will definitely share them after Thursday. 

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I like orange.

2 thoughts on “Just Could Not Wait

  1. So very cute!! I love that you are so excited to decorate! I kind of dread decorating because I have to pull out so much stuff… but then when I see all my beautiful Christmas decorations I totally get into the spirit!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 🙂


  2. Hy Krista,chanced upon your space while blog hopping…awesome space you have..very interesting posts with lovely presentation..the christmas decors are so eye catchy n beautiful..Am your happy follower now..;)do stop by mine sometime..Tasty Appetite


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