A Fun Saturday…OFF!

Not including our vacation back in September, I can’t remember that last day off Nate and I had together.  All of the days off we have had in the past, we have always had to ask for.  So you can imagine my excitement Thursday night when Nate told me chef gave him SATURDAY off!  All of you other chef wives know, that a whole Saturday off (or even just a Saturday night) in the restaurant business is unheard of.  

Our day off started with me making us breakfast… bacon, scrambled eggs with chives and parmesan cheese, and cooked apples with butter, apple pie spice, & brown sugar.  Nate had chocolate milk and I had egg nog to drink (hey, it was a special morning!  And egg nog is only available for a short amount of time, I have to get my fix!).
Nate took me to Falls Lake to go on a boat ride and picnic.  Nate has had his boat for a few months, and this was my first time riding in it.  We had some troubles with the motor, but I was very patient and able to relax… Nate tried his hardest, but he couldn’t help being frustrated.

Once we got to one of his hunting spots, we set up lunch at the duck blind.  Lunch was a chicken salad sandwich, salad, cheese, dried salami (our new favorite), and a bottle of moscato.  We forgot cups, so being the classy people we are, decided to drink straight from the bottle, haha.  Then we cleaned up our stuff and headed back.  It was such a nice day of going on an adventure, doing nothing productive but sit in a boat and eat yummy food, and spending time together.  Can’t wait for another day off!

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