The Perfect Gag Gift / Stocking Stuffer

A good friend of mine introduced me to this product as a joke, but as it turns out… it really works!  Ever heard of Poo-Pourri?  Anyone who uses a shared bathroom at the office or has to go #2 at a date’s house could benefit.  You will never be bashful about using the bathroom ever again!  You simply spray the Poo-Pourri 4-6 times in the toilet before using and wah-la!  The only evidence of you ever being there is a pleasant scent of flowers.  If you go to their website there are plenty of scents and other gifts to choose from.  These would be great for newly weds, small gifts for people at the office, stocking-stuffers, or just to keep in your purse!

I don’t know about you, but my sh*t really does smell like flowers 😉

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I like orange.

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