Se@tle Trip 2011

It is rare for Nate and I to have the same day off…about every 3 months we have 1 day…maybe.  So imagine our excitement when we planned our WHOLE WEEK of vacation to Seattle, WA!  We hadn’t had a whole week off together since our honeymoon, so this vacation was much needed.  We named off different cities we were interested in visiting and Seattle just seemed to fit what we were looking for in this trip.  I had also been there before without Nate and it seemed like everything I did ended in me saying “Nate has GOT to try this!” 
While in Seattle, Nate and I had the best sandwich we had ever tasted, from Paseo.  Nate said he had never seen me *ugly eat* before… you know, when you eat something so yummy and so sloppy, you just wait until the end to do a full wipe of the face?  And this is my excuse for no picture of the sandwich…no way I would pick up my camera with my fingers during that mess! When I asked Nate to rate it on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), he gave it a 9, so then I asked him which sandwich was a 10, his answer…”I haven’t had one yet.”  If that sandwich was a 9, I can’t wait to try a 10!

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